'In times of crisis, we need to transform our interpersonal patterns in order to take care of ourselves and others. Hosted by IIRP Professor Frida Rundell, Ph.D., this series will address anxiety and fears within individuals, families and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants will be supported to recognize our common human needs for staying healthy in body and spirit. Competencies and key concepts will include: Being mindful of our self-worth Developing coping strategies to meet our needs Treasuring our existing support systems Using the "relational care ladder" as a guide Compassionate witnessing, an intentional method of being present in our own lives and the lives of others The online workshop incorporates four 90-minute Zoom sessions. Seating is limited to 30 participants (individuals only; no groups please). Instruction will use handouts, lectures and small group work. Tips for self-management will be provided each session.'
Online Workshop: Restorative Care for Self and Others. Online registration by Cvent
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