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  • The Share Shed - a library of things

    The Share Shed - a library of things

    The Share Shed is a library of things based in Totnes (Devon, UK), where you borrow useful items such as camping, cooking and gardening equipment, tools, house appliances and much more at a nominal cost.

    The aim is to encourage the sharing economy locally, and to help people connect more while spending, consuming and wasting less.

    How did the idea come about?

    Originally inspired by the Share Frome project, here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we decided to explore the possibility of a similar sharing initiative in the town of Totnes.  After a number of community consultations and surveys, it was clear the local community was very supportive of the idea, so NOW worked with amazing support from the wider community to get the project off the ground.

    A steering group was formed, and the lovely Share Shed manager Mark Jefferys was appointed to run a six-month pilot project. Thanks to the support of wonderful volunteers, a grant from the Big Lottery, the premises kindly offered by Totnes Town Council, and many donations given by community members, the Share Shed opened its doors in April 2017.



    What would it take to setup a network of Share Sheds in your local community?

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